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Every character of text on the SourceEnergy website is driven dynamically from a CMS built specifically to the site's rather unique structure. Oh, and it also comes in Arabic. Driven from the database. Served correctly as RTL text and pages in Arabic fashion through a clever system of templates of our own devising. This site is a sleeper.w/ Tolleson Design

Imaginary Foundation

Imaginary Foundation is one of our oldest clients. Period. When we hooked up with The Director, we were still figuring a few things out. We ended up taking an online-only business that operated from a few static templates and creating a slim, trim, agile site that has processed over 50,000 retail orders to date. Countless backend tools, wholesale solutions, a custom blog, and an in-development enterprise-level overhaul later, and we're still happily pattern seeking.

Nike Global Comms

Over a 2-year stint, we partnered with Hybrid to build several clever workflows and apps for the Global Comms group at Nike: an online 'Coverage Builder' that's used to create presentation PDFs; an omnibus 'Story Calendar' that's used for resource planning, and a backoffice workflow that allows staffers to generate emailable dispatches using just about the least applicable tools imaginable.w/ Hybrid Design

Mishka NYC

Our working relationship with the fine folks at Mishka is not your typical one. For starters, one of us blogs about toys and stuff over at the fantastic Bloglin from time to time. But it's more than that: we had opportunity to help out with some pretty serious scoping concerns during a webstore redevelopment, and we (and they) feel like value was added. And so now we get to put them on our website. Super neat.


Hines is a big deal. We were surprised when our friends at L recommended us to work on a project for Hines' Sacramento property listings...but not as surprised when, the following year, they recommended us AGAIN to build a site for the greater Northern California region. w/ L Studio


We're trying really hard right now, but we just cannot seem to recall how we met Jessica from Suitor. She very likely found us. Because she is resourceful like that. When she did finally find us, she had a hugely grandiose plan involving selling custom letterpress stationery online and managing the entire process in-browser. On a budget. After telling her it couldn't be done, we did it for her, and then she helped one of us announce our child's birth, so we guess it went pretty well.

Ventura County Behavioral Health

The star of the show at the Ventura County Behaviorial Health website is the sheer amount of voluminous and billowing data. RS worked with IDEA designers to come up with a simple way for Ventura staffers to update their vast database with papers, time-sensitive postings and other resources directed at other agencies in the region. We (and they) feel that success was had.w/ IDEA Engineering

Gary Baseman

We did not develop, design, or work on Gary Baseman's portfolio website. BUT! We DID work with him and his studio staff to build a custom workflow for his mailing list subscription process, newsletter distribution, and contact list management. He is a world traveller. You should follow him on Twitter.


We were asked by longtime client Cahan to help them make an unforgettable entry sequence for the VMWorld conference. We created a looping screensaver, title cards, was rad. w/ Cahan & Associates

Picturehouse NYC

Our basic rule of thumb is that when you know the content of a website is going to be totally aewsome—as is the case with Picturehouse, a NY-based photographer agency—you can sort of let the design of the site itself be a bit plainer...sink back into the background. Not the case with this one, as Groundwave really pushed us to make everything extra amazing. And it is.w/ Groundwave Design Corp.

California Casualty Insurance

Certainly one of our largest projects to date. When Hybrid mentioned that they might need some help 'skinning' a project they were working on, we said sure. We'd do whatever! Of course, 'skinning' turned into deep development with an emerging system we were new to. We helped with front- and backend mechanics, as well as customer pages and sensitive data handling.w/ Hybrid Design