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The Armoury

We could not be more proud of this website. When Kevin came to us with the project, we collectively decided that we would develop the main company website for The Armoury while other offshore developers worked on the store portion. What a blessing it was to JUST focus on the aesthetics of this fantastic shop; from the lookbooks to the blog, we had a blast. She's multilingual, too.
w/ Kevin Roberson Design


Is your life about to change? Is this the first time you've heard of Skinner, the awesomely amazing, profoundly prolific, seriously Sacramentoan Skinner? If it is, get ready for a treat. Working with the artist to design and build a brand new site from the ground up was a hugely fun enterprise....the verve with which he populated the portfolio with tons of incredible artwork was the gleaming cherry on top. Very proud of this site...and of Skinner. World get ready.

Greenscreen Animals

Greenscreen Animals is awesome: they specialize in filming and distributing stock footage of exotic animals. Awesome. When Atwood brought us the project, the keyphrase was 'like Getty, but on a budget.' So that's what we made. We've since stayed close with GSA, making several post-launch adds and enhancements: calculators, footage previews, and an ehanced group search.w/ Atwood Design Studios

Atomic Attack!

There is—quite often—a huge (postiive) reaction from folks when this website comes up. When we show it to them as a part of our portfolio. And it took a few times for us to realize that, sadly (but still radly), that reaction had absolutely nothing to do with us. The Artwork speaks for itself. Calvin at Atomic Attack! is a master of his own domain, and we count ourselves lucky to have been involved with the creation of this beautiful portfolio site.

Mondo Archive

If you haven't heard of Mondo, that doesn't mean that you're unaware of their work. It's very possible that you've heard of their sister-entity: The Alamo Draft-house. Still, heard of 'em already or not, get ready to hear about Mondo. A lot. Constantly. We teamed up with the sage and well-named Justin to create a vast archive site to chronicle the comings and goings of their hugely prolific output. Even if you're not buying posters, you can go to the archive and behold the beauty.

'Lette Macarons

What could be sweeter than selling sweet little cookies in sweet little boxes to sweet little people giving sweet little gifts to their sweet little sweeties? Nothing. Nothing can be sweeter than that. We worked closely with UNO to bring their vision of what an online macaron store should be, and several thousand orders later, I think it's safe to say that we succeeded. Plus: we get free cookies sometimes.w/ UNO LA

Tolleson Design

We have worked—proudly—with Tolleson Design since early 2004. During that loooong time, we have worked closely with them to develop two entirely different versions of their website, with a third on the way. Each has brought a new twist to how we think about data, how we think about thinking about data, and, of course, set a new standard in how we approach 'presentation'.w/ Tolleson Design

Buff Monster

We suppose it's very possible that you've never heard of Buff Monster. BUT! We're willing to bet you may have seen his artwork. Around. Here and/or there. His signature characters sparkling in his signature pink and silver colorscheme have done thier job of wooing the art world and turning Buff into somewhat of an art celebrity. The only thing we like more than his art and his site is him...we've become pretty good friends over the years.


Our time with Tripit was spent standing at a whiteboard. And eating pizza. We—over the course of a few short hours—worked alongside the founders to create the initial workflow and user studies for The Itinerator...what was to become the core of their award-winning website. We then went on to flesh out a static prototype that served as a scripted clickthrough for their initial development phase. Wow.

Milking the Rhino

This site—a promotional microsite for a fantastic documentary film about Kenya—represents a rather unique situation for us: we hired out for the design. Typically, when working with a designer on a project, it is we who have been hired to come in for execution. For this one, it worked in reverse. And it worked quite well: Jessica at GW really knocked the look and feel right  out of the park.w/ Groundwave

Yahoo! WidgetBar

An age before The iDevice. We teamed up with Jamie Barlow to develop a touchsreen kiosk that would demo the then-bleeding edge Yahoo! Go 3.0 OS. Apps. On a phone. Crazy. Users could play with a simulated phone and submit for updates. Doesn't feel like much now...but it was AMAZING in late 2008.

[Click in-canvas and TAB for cursors.]
w/ Jamie Barlow