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Microsoft KIN Photobooth

Greg from WB called us. Panic. Coachella: soon. What did we know about mutitouch? We hit the books and launched a Flickr-Facebook-Tweet-ized kiosk experience that was installed at the festival and then used again at Nylon's 'Young Hollywood' party. Neat.
w/ Workbench Creative

Nike: Grand Slam Lookbooks

For this 2-year assignment, we built a framework that would support an unrestricted quantity of data while maintaining each event's unique identity.
w/ Hybrid Design

Arik Roper

It's not every day that you get to work with the legendary spawn of Vaughn Bode and Frank Frazetta. Arik Roper is his name, and he is The Master of the watercolor. We had been fans for some time: his work for bands like High on Fire is absolutely seminal, and he also has the rare gift of being able to translate his beautiful fades into actual, real-working print separations. On top of all that, he's, like, the nicest. One of us has a print of his hanging in a very special spot.

Brian Ewing

We've been working with one Mr. Brian Ewing since the long lonely summer of 2003. We count our relationship with him as a testament to one of our biggest strengths: that we are human. We bought a poster from him and decided to make a comment via Paypal about websites. And boom. We have a great client, a better friend, and close to a decade's experience shadowing a technical giant on his travels through the art-o-sphere. Outsiders as insiders. Thanks paypal.