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Nike Global Comms

Over a 2-year stint, we partnered with Hybrid to build several clever workflows and apps for the Global Comms group at Nike: an online 'Coverage Builder' that's used to create presentation PDFs; an omnibus 'Story Calendar' that's used for resource planning, and a backoffice workflow that allows staffers to generate emailable dispatches using just about the least applicable tools imaginable.w/ Hybrid Design

Mishka NYC

Our working relationship with the fine folks at Mishka is not your typical one. For starters, one of us blogs about toys and stuff over at the fantastic Bloglin from time to time. But it's more than that: we had opportunity to help out with some pretty serious scoping concerns during a webstore redevelopment, and we (and they) feel like value was added. And so now we get to put them on our website. Super neat.

Gary Baseman

We did not develop, design, or work on Gary Baseman's portfolio website. BUT! We DID work with him and his studio staff to build a custom workflow for his mailing list subscription process, newsletter distribution, and contact list management. He is a world traveller. You should follow him on Twitter.


Our time with Tripit was spent standing at a whiteboard. And eating pizza. We—over the course of a few short hours—worked alongside the founders to create the initial workflow and user studies for The Itinerator...what was to become the core of their award-winning website. We then went on to flesh out a static prototype that served as a scripted clickthrough for their initial development phase. Wow.

Milking the Rhino

This site—a promotional microsite for a fantastic documentary film about Kenya—represents a rather unique situation for us: we hired out for the design. Typically, when working with a designer on a project, it is we who have been hired to come in for execution. For this one, it worked in reverse. And it worked quite well: Jessica at GW really knocked the look and feel right  out of the park.w/ Groundwave