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The Armoury

We could not be more proud of this website. When Kevin came to us with the project, we collectively decided that we would develop the main company website for The Armoury while other offshore developers worked on the store portion. What a blessing it was to JUST focus on the aesthetics of this fantastic shop; from the lookbooks to the blog, we had a blast. She's multilingual, too.
w/ Kevin Roberson Design

Imaginary Foundation

Imaginary Foundation is one of our oldest clients. Period. When we hooked up with The Director, we were still figuring a few things out. We ended up taking an online-only business that operated from a few static templates and creating a slim, trim, agile site that has processed over 50,000 retail orders to date. Countless backend tools, wholesale solutions, a custom blog, and an in-development enterprise-level overhaul later, and we're still happily pattern seeking.


The effort that was (and is) put into the Juniper website is nothing short of herculean. Team Juniper is hands-on at every step of the way, from detailing how they would like to manage their content, to fine-point pixelgrabbing: they're involved. KRD and RS worked as a tightly-knit unit to execute this fantastic platform for this fantastic message beaming out of these fantastic people.w/ Kevin Roberson Design

Flying Coffin

One of the neatest things about what we do is working with like-minded folks that are making a product that we are already excited about. In the case of Flying Coffin, a one-man clothing company based in Seattle, we were fans. We were already customers. When the talk of websites came up, well, it just seemed like a match made in heaven. Support Small (Rad) Business. w/ Four Color Creative

Atomic Attack!

There is—quite often—a huge (postiive) reaction from folks when this website comes up. When we show it to them as a part of our portfolio. And it took a few times for us to realize that, sadly (but still radly), that reaction had absolutely nothing to do with us. The Artwork speaks for itself. Calvin at Atomic Attack! is a master of his own domain, and we count ourselves lucky to have been involved with the creation of this beautiful portfolio site.

Power Fury

Power Fury is (one of) the portfolio site(s) for the super talented, incredibly down to earth Mark Todd. We and he met at San Diego Comicon one year (we were already customers of his) and politely mentioned to each other how cool it would be to make a site that showcased his comic-themed artwork. Boom. It's here.

Bob Dinetz Design

We've been working with Bob since somewhere near the beginning of the 2001 Annual Report season. We've worked together on all kinds of projects, and we can honestly say that we'd work with him on anything. Anything. So of course, when it came time to develop version two of his own website, we jumped at the chance. As we see it, he took his portfolio to that new-web 'meta' place about 2 years before anybody else. Which of course, is an eternity.

Mishka NYC

Our working relationship with the fine folks at Mishka is not your typical one. For starters, one of us blogs about toys and stuff over at the fantastic Bloglin from time to time. But it's more than that: we had opportunity to help out with some pretty serious scoping concerns during a webstore redevelopment, and we (and they) feel like value was added. And so now we get to put them on our website. Super neat.

Super7 Star Wars

When Brian came to us with the idea for a microsite that would showcase his magnum opus—a 2-foot tall Jumbo Machinder-style OG Stormtrooper—we sort of chuckled at the joke we thought he was making. He was serious. Countless DVD rewinds of the Death Star scene later, we got it just right, and the site went on to help the thing sell out. It was one in a million.w/ Super7

Buff Monster

We suppose it's very possible that you've never heard of Buff Monster. BUT! We're willing to bet you may have seen his artwork. Around. Here and/or there. His signature characters sparkling in his signature pink and silver colorscheme have done thier job of wooing the art world and turning Buff into somewhat of an art celebrity. The only thing we like more than his art and his site is him...we've become pretty good friends over the years.

Comet Debris

What a blast. Koji Harmon—also known as Cometdebris—is a totally quiet, totally down to earth, totally awesome guy. We met him at San Diego Comicon at his associates' booth (Gargamel) and hit it off pretty swell. It was pretty easy—from there—to decide to do a site together. One of us is such a HUGE Tokoji Seijin (CD's flagship toy character) fan, we made a little movie about him. Just for fun.

Arik Roper

It's not every day that you get to work with the legendary spawn of Vaughn Bode and Frank Frazetta. Arik Roper is his name, and he is The Master of the watercolor. We had been fans for some time: his work for bands like High on Fire is absolutely seminal, and he also has the rare gift of being able to translate his beautiful fades into actual, real-working print separations. On top of all that, he's, like, the nicest. One of us has a print of his hanging in a very special spot.