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Nike Global Comms

Over a 2-year stint, we partnered with Hybrid to build several clever workflows and apps for the Global Comms group at Nike: an online 'Coverage Builder' that's used to create presentation PDFs; an omnibus 'Story Calendar' that's used for resource planning, and a backoffice workflow that allows staffers to generate emailable dispatches using just about the least applicable tools imaginable.w/ Hybrid Design

Microsoft KIN Photobooth

Greg from WB called us. Panic. Coachella: soon. What did we know about mutitouch? We hit the books and launched a Flickr-Facebook-Tweet-ized kiosk experience that was installed at the festival and then used again at Nylon's 'Young Hollywood' party. Neat.
w/ Workbench Creative


We were asked by longtime client Cahan to help them make an unforgettable entry sequence for the VMWorld conference. We created a looping screensaver, title cards, was rad. w/ Cahan & Associates


Charts and graphs. Graphs and charts. We worked with Hybrid to help Genworth, a financial advisory service, illustrate—illustratively—it's investment portfolio strategy to it's advisors. It was a fun project, and it absolutely taught us a lot about creating dynamically-driven, live-data charts from internal and external feeds from within a web- and desktop-based flex application.w/ Hybrid Design

Yahoo! WidgetBar

An age before The iDevice. We teamed up with Jamie Barlow to develop a touchsreen kiosk that would demo the then-bleeding edge Yahoo! Go 3.0 OS. Apps. On a phone. Crazy. Users could play with a simulated phone and submit for updates. Doesn't feel like much now...but it was AMAZING in late 2008.

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w/ Jamie Barlow