“I designed it. They made it. Justin and Aaron have never nudged so many pixels nor kerned so much text before meeting me. I’m a nightmare, and they are a dream.”
“In the four-plus years we’ve known them, we’ve teamed up with Rocket Society for dozens of projects: flash development, problem solving and workflows, technical writing and, of course, support. Their frontend work is tight, and their backend work is mindful. They’ve never let us down.”
“Rocket Society has the kind of crazy you want — creative, thoughtful, diligent, and concerned they are doing things right. They'll invent a solution if there isn't one, or talk you out of it if they think you'll regret it later. Either way, they make you feel like they're on your team.”
“I’ve been working with Justin and Aaron for almost a decade. They always respond well to my design sensibility and are endlessly patient with web development questions. ”
“Finding a great web programmer is a little like dating. You go on a lot of dates and there are the nice guys that have ‘great personalities’ but make really ugly sites. And then the slick, hot ones that wine and dine you, but end up turning out to be total dicks. It's really hard out there in the web scene.

But then you find Rocket Society...and they are funny and smart and they actually listen and you know your mom would love them. You talk about marriage pretty quickly...because even though you just met...you know they are the ‘one’.

I fell in love with RS — because of all the reasons above — but really because they just do a damn good job. They are straight shooters (blunt and to the point). They are creative intellects (but never make you feel stupid). They challenge you to think about how the web works (and how to make it work better).

They are simply good dudes that are really good at what they do. And, I suppose, I am willing to share.”
“The guys at RS are awesome. I’m not saying this just because they’re my friends. I’m saying this because they truly are. We’ve worked together for over 6 years — hence the friendship — and in that time have developed a symbiotic designer/developer relationship. We think as one.

They help me trudge through uncharted waters with ease and confidence and help to descramble and decode what ‘exactly’ it is I’m after. They totally get it and are quick to respond and implement. I never worry that what I’ve explained won’t translate to something that works flawlessly.

You don’t just hand them an idea or a design and they go away and start cranking. No. There’s dialogue. There’s discourse. They bring things that challenge and improve the project toward a solid and successful solution.”
“Rocket Society enabled my site to do things which my front-end designer and I could envision, but could not fabricate by ourselves. Justin and Aaron have been super-easy to work with, powerful in their skills, and brilliant in their executions of my nitpicky details. the back-end they built for maintaining inventory and processing orders fit our needs perfectly, and simplified our shipping department just as our business took a leap in volume — a leap I attribute largely to the increased functionality of our new site (version 2, in 2007). I've hired them again to build a newer site (version 3), which we're just beginning now. I have yet to meet them in person, but definitely feel like I've got two close friends looking out for me and my business.”
“Where do I begin when describing how amazing Rocket Society has been to work with? Maybe with their enthusiasm for everything they do? No, no, no... maybe with their efficiency, speed and thoroughness in completing things? Nah... maybe it has to be simply that they do a kick ass bang up job on my websites? Yep, that’s it! Rocket Society kicks ass.”
“About a year ago [2010], I had a meeting with Rocket Society in regards to a problem I needed fixed on our website. After listening to me jabber for about thirty minutes, they politely said something to the tune of, ‘We can't do that and anyone that says otherwise is lying.’ I was sold. 100% in love for life. These guys were REAL. Any other company would bullshit and say that they can do ANYTHING. They not only told me the truth, but worked with me on a different plan of action that ended up working EVEN BETTER. If you want something done RIGHT the first time, these are your guys. ”