Incidentally, only words with a certain heft—more than just a few characters at least—look even remotely passable when used in conjunction with a drop cap. We know that now. We are constantly learning things. Did you already know that? Did you learn that in school? Is it why none of the Canterbury Tales start with 'It' or, um, 'Or'? Maybe?

Either way: you just witnessed our development style. Talk out loud. Think out loud. Roll with the punches. No games. No pressure. No foolin'.

If it's important to you to have a drop cap, then we'll find a way. if you'd rather start your story with 'It' or 'We' or like, '22', well, we suppose we'll just have to help you think through what that means. No biggie.
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Justin Jewett

Business Manager

I typically try and hide my obsession with talking about myself by writing whatever I'm gonna write and then, right at the end, doing a search and replace; change all the 'I's to 'We's. But! This space is designed specifically for me to talk about me as me—which is weird to say, but—and so I'm gonna try and use a respectable amount of div-inches talking about how weird that is and then give you some links. Links-as-literary-escape-hatch: Welcome to the Internet. (This is what we do with widows.)

Aaron Nunley

Lead Developer

It took me the better part of a week to come up with a small paragraph about myself. I spend my days applying old solutions to new problems and developing new solutions to old problems. I'm equally wary and welcoming of new technologies and methodologies.  I absolutely love what I do for a living.
Obviously—it should go without saying—we more or less worship NASA, The Hubble Space Telescope, space in general, and our own infinitely incomplete understanding of the universe around us. All is nothing, nothing is all...but at least we've got these pretty pictures to look at (pictures that, we should mention, don't belong to us, but we're pretty sure we've got permission to use them in the way we're using them). All other content © 2000-2019 Rocket Society (Except where noted otherwise)